App Enablement

  • App Enablement is
    • a plug-in interface that allows integrating web applications into the GK POS
    • implemented as a JavaScript bridge enabling bidirectional communication with the POS data model and event infrastructure
    • It is as easy as importing a JavaScript file into your web application
  • Your plug-in can be presented as ‘embedded’ in the POS UI, or as a full-screen application

Terms and Conditions

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Terms and conditions

Your App. Our eco system. All together.


Your App.

You have the App which needs Point of Sales functionalities.

Our Touchpoint.

We have a full extensible eco system of Point of Sales Systems to integrate your content.

What is behind?

Let's have a look into the system and how it works.

The libs.

You will get 4 JS libraries, which you have to include into your application. Scroll down to the "How to start coding" download section to learn how to integrate them.


The file provides basic App Enablement functionality, the general functions that are relevant for all kinds of clients.


The file provides functions that deal with internal master data , for example, item details for items in the POS database.


The file provides functions that deal with master data that is accessible from an external repository.



The file provides functions for interacting with the POS, such as adding items or customers to the transaction.


This file handles the connection between the other files and the OmniPOS system.

See how it is done

Check out this video. One of our experts will show how we embed an example app into the POS.

Boost up your App.

The information on this page should be sufficient for you to be able to plug in your web app to GK OmniPOS touchpoints, if you have any issues or questions, please Register here and let us know:

In addition, our Academy offers live masterclasses on AppEnablement, for various uses from plugging in an app to learning how to utilise AppEnablement for creating  functional extensions to POS touchpoints- To join a live masterclass event please contact GK Academy here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please note these sessions require participation fees